Lara :: Maternity & Newborn photographer in Madrid

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Not only one of my favourite maternity sessions EVER, but meeting Lara was an absolutely adorable moment as she is the cutest little one! And OMG, she had SO much hair!!!

Mamma was a little bit anxious about the photosession as she had a little stressfull and uncomfortable experience with her 4D Scan and she wanted to make sure the experience would be relaxing and enjoyable for her little peanut.

The thing is, during a newborn session, we usually tend to keep mum away from babies, so that the little one don’t get excited about the next feed & cuddle time at the smell of mum while we’re trying to capture the sleepy baby photos.. That of course was not helping mum relax since she couldn’t keep a close eye on what was going on due to the small space we were working in.

But then the sweetest thing happened…

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Dad had the brilliant idea (and super sweet) of doing a video call with mum, who was sitting in the next room, so she had a chance to see exactly what was happening all while relaxing comfortably on the sofa. That was a wonderful idea to allow her to be part and relax about everything at the same time, and then allowed her to feel comfortable enought to rest for a while during the second part of the session.

I honestly adored how dad made sure to make her feel at ease and relaxed, and this will definitely be a trick I’ll suggest in the future when having a similar situation!!

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Also, dad was not super keen on being in the picture in this case, he doesn’t like being taken in photos (oh, so many of us can relate, right? Myself included..) but I convinced him to trust me and be part of some. In the end, worst case scenario, you don’t like the results and just pick other images for your keepsakes, but if one day you change your mind, those photos are there and you can go back to explore them.. but if you don’t take the uncomfortable step of being in the picture TODAY, in 5-10 years when you wish your baby had a photo as a newborn with dad to show how tiny and loved they were in those very first days, well.. there is no going back.

As usual, these were their favourite images from the whole gallery, and dad kept warming my heart with a series of “Awww me encanta esa..” at every photo with mum & dad…

Mission accomplished! Makes my heart burst with joy to know I’ve created these special memories for one more family!

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