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Not only one of my favourite maternity sessions EVER, but meeting Lara was an absolutely adorable moment as she is the cutest little one! And OMG, she had SO much hair!!!

Mamma was a little bit anxious about the photosession as she had a little stressfull and uncomfortable experience with her 4D Scan and she wanted to make sure the experience would be relaxing and enjoyable for her little peanut.

The thing is, during a newborn session, we usually tend to keep mum away from babies, so that the little one don’t get excited about the next feed & cuddle time at the smell of mum while we’re trying to capture the sleepy baby photos.. That of course was not helping mum relax since she couldn’t keep a close eye on what was going on due to the small space we were working in.

But then the sweetest thing happened…



5 Reasons Why You Should Bother Printing Photos in the Digital Age

wall art

5 Reasons Why You Should Bother Printing Photos in the Digital Age

We live in a time where everything is fast paced (think of the 24h based IG stories), focused on consuming goods that will be outdated or broken within a year (if you are lucky) and tending toward an “all digital” mentality.

So, really, why should we print?

Isn’t that some old fashion way, gone out of trend and often even hard to achieve kind of thing?

Well, I honestly think that by not printing our photos, we are setting our memories to be lost down the road, for us and for our children!

So if you want to be a better parent, read on and I’ll break down for you the 5 main reasons why you should print your photos.




Elea-Jade | Children Photographer | Fotografo Bambini Milano

Little Girl picking oranges in sunny Sicily

Elea-Jade :: Sicilian beauties

This is already the third time I’ve met this little sweetheart, and together with her family she holds a special place in my heart! In the previous occasions we had been organized the shoot once in the beautiful landscapes of Etna’s Mountain, as well as on the deserted winter beaches near Catania… so we decided that this time we would use a setting that was very sicilian, and opted for oranges fields. One of her beautiful three dogs came over with us, and we even tasted the oranges (the field owner is dad’s friend) and OMG they were SO DELICIOUS!!!

One thing I truly love about my work is how more often that not through the photography service I provide there comes a beautiful relationship with those families. They become much more to me than just clients, they become friends. And I truly love seeing them grow and being part of this.

It is a true gift to my heart.

So thank you to every client that have given me this opportunity. Thank you for sharing such important times and moment with me and for trusting me to capture them and create long lasting images for you and your children. It really means so much to me ❤


Elea-Jade :: Meravigliosa Sicilia


Mariasole | Newborn Photographer | Fotografo Neonati Milano

Sweet family holding newborn image in black and white | Aurelie Noyer Photography | Fotografo neonati Milano

Mariasole :: 24 Days new

This newborn session date back almost a year now, given that Mariasole was born on the 23rd April. Usually I tend to photograph newborns within the first 10-15 days, but this was definitely a special case!

Mariasole is my little second niece, and as I was away when my sister gave birth, I truly wanted to still try and get as much newborn like images for her, because I know it is special and I wanted to have this memory to hang on their wall.

The photo session had been totally crazy… it seemed that my niece was a little angry at me for not being there for her birth ;p …Or more likely she had already entered the baby colic stage… it was definitely A LOT OF FUN for myself and my sister… I got literally washed out with her poop over and over… basically every single time I took her in my arms, she did grace me with it again -.- We couldn’t stop laughting ❤ Poor sweetheart ❤

Anyway we did manage to get on with her photos, and made sure to include the little owl hat and the sweet bunny outfit that her grandma had made for the occasion, and did a few details shot that mum really had at heart, of them both holding her tiny little feets and her hand… pure sweetness.


Mariasole :: 24 giorni di vita


Matteo | Fotografo Neonati Milano | Newborn Photographer

photography of newborn with crown in blue

Meet Matteo :: 5 Days new

This sweet little guy was just adorable! I had so much fun and warmed my heart to photograph him and his family, and he gifted me with so many heartmelting smiles that I will definitely cherish the memory of this session forever!!!

I had met him before while he was still in the warmth of mum’s beautiful belly and once again to realize an amazing Dream session that mum had in mind ❤ Ooohhh we had so much fun then!

But back to this gorgeous newborn session, Big Sister was sooo proud of her baby brother, and Riccardo, his two-years-old brother, was loving to cuddle him…we struggled a bit to keep him calm cause he was so excited about having me over to visit again 🙂

Definitely an adorable family which I always loo forward to see again!


Vi presento Matteo :: 5 giorni di vita


Cesarino | Fotografo Bambini e Famiglie Milano | Children Photographer

Ambra & Diletta | Fotografo Famiglie & Bambini Milano | Family Photographer


Family Photography | Newborn, Children & Family Photographer in calgary

Certainly a session that stayed in my heart.. a beautiful family, an amazing golden light, and so much love and laughts!! Ambra, Diletta and they’re sweet family!


Sicuramente una sessione che rimarrà nel mio cuore a lungo… una meravigliosa famiglia, una luce che era una cascata d’oro e tanto, tantissimo amore e risate!!! Ambra, Diletta e la loro dolcissima famiglia!



Love is… | Newborn & Family Photographer | Fotografo Famiglia & Neonati Milano

Family Photography | Newborn & Family Photographer in calgary

Love is the most important thing on world…

This is for a big love share with amazing colleagues from all around the world & especially our mentor Barb Uil from jinkyArt!!! – Go visit some other love images around their blogs – or if you really feel inspired make a visit to all of them ❤

Share the love…


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